Bishopgarth 29th October 2012

I was in a sensitive area so drew the things I knew
Using the Wakefield Civic Society Blue Plaques as destination points for drawing has hit a bit of a snag. Bishopgarth, where the next location on my list is, contains Police HQ, Children's Day Care Nurseries and a Public School. Maybe roaming around with a camera and a note book in today's heightened fear of 'stranger danger'* is not the best of ideas. So, I drew a few things that I was familiar with. The official description of what I am doing with these pages is something like this...

Wakefield by John Welding 
A series of personal illustrated dairy pages. 
John Welding is a freelance illustrator of stories who knows Wakefield, after 13 years of treading its rain lashed streets he needed a stimulus to see the town in a different way. In September 2012 he started using the Wakefield Civic Society Blue Plaques as entry points to make his unique drawings, a mix of illustration, comic strips and words. The point being not to slavishly copy the building the plaque is attached to, but treating the Blue Plaque as a destination. To take in a 360 degree view of what is in the vicinity and to record what was happening at that particular point in time. This exhibition is proud to present selected pages from the start of the on-going project.

I cycled through the area scouting for the Blue Plaque but couldn't find it, the area is quiet and there seems to be a lot of empty grand Victorian houses, empty or up for sale. A sign of the economic times? I ended up going up a small one track road (Long Causeway) and into a park area with trees for company, to rethink my approach. I decided to be brave and retrace my route. I found a Blue Plaque, one that's not on my list 2 Bede House, so I took a photo and made a few notes, then cycled out of there as quick as I could - it's too quiet for me around here.

I make notes with dip pen and ink when I can, it slows me down and makes me think.

* Public perceived threat from child molesters, criminals and terrorists.


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