Saturday Morning in Town

Another one of those illustrated diary pages

The sun is low this time of year, catching the tops of buildings with angled shafts of light and shade. The building where Monkey used to be is a favourite of mine, detailed with a cornucopia of columns and swirls and over the top detail. I could never afford their clothing but went in a few times, pretending to look at clothes but really looking at the brickwork, staircases and floorboards.

Across from there is another clothing shop of distinction, Frank Birds gentlemen's clothing and next to that The Black Rock pub, the ornate tiling of the Black Rock reminds me of another pub I don't go in much further down Westgate, the Elephant & Castle.

Sunlight is in full effect on the Marygate side of of the Barclays Bank building making the red brick glow in a way that only autumnal light can make red brick glow. I have arranged to meet Helen in Deli Central, we were at the gym at the new Sun Lane Leisure earlier on and now scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast with a cup of black coffee beckons.

It's such a nice morning I wait outside taking photos of the water feature in the newly refurbished Bull Ring, trying to catch the play of morning light and water, unaware that Helen has arrived early, waiting inside and wondering where I am. Where I am is texting her, wondering where she's at. I lost concentration, my bad!


jan said…
I was only looking up at the stonework of the 'monkey' building this very week John! Did i really see some dragons there, up high, holding shields?

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