Friday, 12 October 2012

When Time Stood Still

Westgate as seen from carter Street Car Park.

Westgate is one of the busiest streets in Wakefield, traffic entering and leaving the city centre is continuous and the various businesses of bars, banks, cafes and theaters makes sure there is plenty of foot fall along the street. Usually you are passing through from A to B, windows wound up, head phones on, metaphorical and physical blinkers to the fore. It's the same for a lot of city centers,  how often do you get to stop for five minutes and just observe in this day and age of CCTV. This is what I did, taking photos and making notes the isolating pretense that today I am up to something useful. There are quiet times, people disappear, noises stop and even the pigeons have a nice sit down.

I like this view, the opulence of 57 Westgate's roof clock in stark contrast to the backs of the street buildings, a little bit grimy and crumbling with age.

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