Sunday, 28 October 2012

St. John's Church

It's a quiet Sunday and I have made my way out of town to St. John's Square, it's not far from Wakefield Town centre and consists of a square of very nice looking houses with a small park and Church in the centre. I lock my bike to a tree and notice the empty Horse Chestnut Cases at my feet. The weather today is bright and fresh and crisp, perfect for cycling and perfect sitting on a bench, drawing type weather.

I sit close by the church building, opposite is a bench with a really nice inscription "wherever love, laughter and music abide, I am there in spirit - Sean Turner". My moment of contemplation is broken, first by the distinctive smell of marijuana and then by the increasing laughter of teenagers who I hadn't noticed sitting on the St. John's Church steps.

I make a few more notes and take a few more photographs of the surrounds for reference and then it's time to go home for the afternoon. I walk part of the way, getting on my bike at the Town Hall. From there I manage to cycle downhill, passing through green lights and over car free roundabouts at HIGH SPEED! Only pulling on the brakes and making a left turn when I reach Sainsburys on Ings Road. The exhilaration of speed and the realisation that wasn't the brightest thing to do and maybe, just maybe a tiny bit of passive smoking left me feeling breathless and genuinely feeling ALIVE.

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