Parkour Gesture Sketches...

Went on the July Wakefield Artwalk last night to see friends and check out a few exhibitions in town. The homemade hot tub at Neon Workshops was a guilty treat of fire and water and although I didn't get in a few others did as the temperature rose. Rose Harries Bedlam portrait drawings of mad and eccentric Victorians was nicely done at Westgate Studios, it was great to see artists busy and thriving and just plain getting on with it in the centre of Wakefield. The Hepworth had a Parkour display team from Leeds and I got brave and got my sketch book out but really they move far too fast and fluidly to get anything more than a gestural mark down. The thought of one of them slipping on the Hepworth's cast concrete surface was quite exciting and they did jump from quite some heights.


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