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Studio View With A Room...

I have been trying to work in a different style today, different in that I'm using a Sharpie fine liner and less 'noodling' lines to make simpler looking drawings. I upped my drawing tools and marched to the end of the garden and became artist in resident in Helen's studio for a few hours, she was out freelancing someplace exotic ('Portobello' I think?) so I had the place to myself. I am working on character designs so I can not show anything yet. Except this drawing I did of the view from where I was sat to help refocus my eyes, headphones on listening to ambient drone music care of the Free Music Archive. This is a good place to draw.

Todays Doodle...

involved using a fine liner pen.

Parkour Gesture Sketches...

Went on the July Wakefield Artwalk last night to see friends and check out a few exhibitions in town. The homemade hot tub at Neon Workshops was a guilty treat of fire and water and although I didn't get in a few others did as the temperature rose. Rose Harries Bedlam portrait drawings of mad and eccentric Victorians was nicely done at Westgate Studios, it was great to see artists busy and thriving and just plain getting on with it in the centre of Wakefield. The Hepworth had a Parkour display team from Leeds and I got brave and got my sketch book out but really they move far too fast and fluidly to get anything more than a gestural mark down. The thought of one of them slipping on the Hepworth's cast concrete surface was quite exciting and they did jump from quite some heights.

Cathedral Sketches...

Today I escaped the heat of the day and spent an hour in the coolness of Wakefield Cathedral with a friend, trying to get my sketching mojo back into shape. This is a composited image from the drawings I did in fine liners and brush pen with a touch of water colour. Some rough Photoshop texturing thrown over the top for effect when I got back to the house and the computer.

You can see the original sketches here.

Warm Up Drawings...


Digital Brush Drawings...

I am trying my hand at digital drawing again. This time I am customising the standard rounded brush and using Transfer in the Photoshop Brush options. This seems to be linked in with the pen pressure so that you get a lower opacity line with less pressure that leads into a more solid line. This in turn gives more natural feel to the line work, unlike my experience with the harder looking and feeling brush tip without Transfer applied. The pen has a pencil brush effect, the Nirvana of all drawing implements sort by mankind.