Work in Progress...

After a lot of  prep work and doodles in my sketchbook I have finally settled into The Duel. It'll be about three pages, now I have edited and thumbnailed what I want from it. I am drawing freehand with a Pilot g-tec c4 which is a lovely little sketching pen, onto sheets of A4 photocopy paper. The fine point allows me to go over bits that might not be working and 'loose' bothersome lines in the crosshatching. I'm keeping the drawings deliberately small because having had experience with crosshatching large areas in the past I want to avoid aching joints and keep my knuckles into old age. The tiny drawing are then scanned and assembled in Photoshop.

I am lettering as I go on this one, sometimes writing the lettering first and letting the drawings evolve around it. I'm keeping the colouring flat and simple sticking with four shades rather than my layer upon layer approach of textures. I like the 'flat' effect and I don't want to compete with the crosshatching too much, and it's a lot quicker to do.


Anonymous said…
Hello sir. I am a reader/follower from Malaysia. I really like your sketches, very intriguing (and symbolic?).

Just want to say, well done and keep up the good work.

Love from Malaysia.

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