Process Page... Kinda

I shouldn’t really be showing this as it will be the momentum ‘kiss of death’ for it. This is the first page to a new dream story, the one that has been in the back of my brain box for the past few months. I was excited with the way the first few pages were going that I had to display it publically, it’s not a long one this, at about five pages so hopefully it will be finished soon (like I say, kiss-of-death saying anything like that around here). There has been lots a going on here lately . I have nearly signed off on a huge inflatable tent design for a community arts organisation, I did a comics workshop at Chapel Square Arts in Halifax last Saturday and there are lots of other bits and pieces in-between that are in the planning stage. Sometimes I look at where I am and get frustrated that it’s not going fast enough, other times the morning mist clears and I feel really lucky that I can do what I do.


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