Coal Yard

Coal Yard by John Welding | Make Your Own Book

I live in a working Coal Yard and thought it about time I documented it in some way. This book contains images from an early morning meander around the yard, exploring the nooks and dust encrusted crannies which have been part of my home for the past 12 years. I have neighbors in the yard and I don't own the yard so I tried to respect privacy and not give too many details away. I hope it catches the coaly atmosphere.

This has been an interesting experience. I like the idea of photos in books on a shelf within easy reach to the idea of them lurking on a hard drive somewhere out of sight and out of mind. This is my First time using Blurb and I have not seen a physical book yet, production takes two weeks which is just enough time to forget and be surprised when the post man arrives.


jan said…
john, i love this book! the photos are gorgeous!
John Welding said…
Thanks Jan, it was bit of an experiment. I would do it again. Jx

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