Thursday, 29 March 2012

There's Something in the Attic...

I have had a good few days of late involving meetings which hopefully will keep me busy over the Summer. The intense heat continues, which for now is great, although a bit of nightly rain would be nice for the plants. Helen finished her canal drawings (sketches from 36 fishermen platforms) yesterday and in great documentary style I was not there to witness or mark it with a drawing of my own.
I sat out in the garden in the brightest of Suns drawing this made up attic scene for my next dream comic strip which has a duel to the death. It occurred to me what I like about drawing, film, art, comics, books... and that is shadows, the hidden shapes within shadows. It all seems to fit.
As I write in a note book, the biggest bumble bee ever (seriously, it's the size of a mouse) drifts on by followed by our saggy backed cat, I had better intervene for I know who will come off worse if the two of them connect.

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