Layout Vanishing Points in Photoshop

I had to do a quick amendment to the strip I'm working on today. For the life of me I couldn't get the angle of the scene I had in my head from the writers notes, down on paper. I was getting frustrated from 'standing still'. Normally I would just sweat it out until I hit the right scene with scribbles on sheets of paper. With the deadline being set for today I didn't have that luxury and I wanted to employ something a bit quicker than luck and serendipity. I have seen this process done elsewhere, using Photoshop to make grids and draw in vanishing lines for perspective. Over the top of those lines I drew characters on separate layers so I could re-position them for the scene. At one point I thought of downloading Google SketchUp and creating a little 3D scene, but with that deadline looming and not really knowing how to use SketchUp I thought better of it.

Now I have the scene set I can print it off and with the use of a light-box draw it to look like the rest of the strip (which has been drawn in pencil with Photoshop colour over the top). This may seem a long winded way of getting something small done but sometimes the act of seemingly moving forward can overcome that standing still frustration.


Ben H said…
Utterly, utterly brilliant, John.


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