Another Attic...

I am starting on my next dream comic strip, it involves a duel with two 17th century gentlemen in an attic. I am trying to keep the original drawings together in a Moleskine (A5) sketchbook to keep this one a bit more focused. The last bit ‘Die at Midnight: the hunt’ sprawled on for months and lost a bit of it’s mojo. This one will be more of a short, vicious jab to the shoulder.

Attic 05

Attic 04

P.S. Since I last wrote a few jobs and Easter (which I had totally forgotten about) have come my way, so the time I thought I had to do the dream comic has been allocated to planning… and eating chocolate. The working in a Moleskine thing kind of evaporated too, I find working on A4 paper is a lot easier to scan and with no centre stitching to contend with either. I am thinking of working direct with an Artline Calligraphic 2.0 Pen as used in the image above. I used to use these chisel tip pens all the time, I used them for diary comics and for the line work for the large-scale street banners I did a few years back. They have a lovely line which can be used thick and thin and the ink quality is a very satisfying waterproof matt black. I loved the pen but I found with constant use the barrel of the pen was wearing a dent into the side my middle finger, so reluctantly I stopped using them… however. I found that Cult Pens now stock an Ergo version, with a black barrel. I have a box on order, they can’t be any worse than their white barrelled finger boring counterparts.


God bless Cult Pens.
John Welding said…
If I ever had to have a proper job I would work in Cult Pens Warehouse. I'd pretend to hate it but deep down, I would be in heaven.

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