Friday, 6 January 2012

Autobiographical Shropshire 2005

More found artwork from old CD Backups, this time from the year 2005. Helen and I spent a week in a cottage in Church Stretton, Shropshire. We took our bikes on the train from Wakefield, I remember most the stunningingly steep Shropshire hills and the changeable wet warm weather.

I kept a note book of the trip, which over the week degenerated into embarrassing stick figure drawings as I became more and more native, adopting a lifestyle of eating, drinking, exploring, cycling, sleeping. I am not sure where the title came from, I've a feeling it was from my universal creativity theory and drawing style at the time of using thin lines with thick brush strokes to achieve what I thought was balance in an image.

Like a lot of my comic work, the plan was to do something a lot longer. I managed three of the pages below then had to take on illustration work which paid me some of that icky money stuff to keep up the pretence of a normal life. I have added in the alarm clock at the beginning and the notebook page at the end to round things off a bit.

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