Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Die at Midnight: The Hunt

It forms the first part in a dream trilogy and Die at Midnight was never meant to take this long.  It became a project that was done in the background to other projects. A way of practicing my art, trying out different software and hardware techniques, that a paying client isn’t necessarily prepared to finance. It has taken nearly 20 months to finish the first 14 pages which is something of a record for me. The well worn theme of transformation is in the art style, from pencil to ink to brush to digital ink, it's all about change.

Does it make sense? Well, it’s based on a dream that I had, like most dreams it is ultra-real until you tell someone about how fantastic that dream is, then it loses compression, deflates and dies… horribly. So I have taken license to make it, hopefully, more enjoyable to read.

I made the layouts above not long after the dream and they have been invaluable in keeping me on track.
I am glad that I can put that sketchbook away and start on the next bit.