In the Wild Wood...

Die at Midnight
Page 11. 

Die at Midnight
Page 11. A little bit of drawing detail.

I am enjoying the mark making and the looseness that the brush pen brings. Although I know where this is going (the dream is thumbnailed in a note book from a few years ago) the getting there is taking some interesting routes. The drawing style is all over the place, I'm experimenting with my style in a public blog. I thought I had it with the pencil page drawings a few pages back, when I compare them to the brush pen pages I know what catches my eye the most. But that's the point of experimenting right? Trying to find a new way of doing something for your self, in this case it's storytelling and drawing.

(For the first time in a very long time I am getting lots of encouraging comments from this Blog and from Twitter. Not a huge amount you understand but more than my fair shares worth, which is a brilliant thing. Drawing tends to be a solitary pursuit and I have worked on drawing jobs by job basis for nearly ten years, which usually means a 180 Degree turnaround in thinking, if not the drawing every few weeks. So thank you people, you get to live another day.)


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