Monday, 14 November 2011

Drawing and Redrawing

Die at Midnight Page 10 (well, most of it).

Started using a Pental Colour Brush to draw over my rough pencil layout yesterday. The top frame came out great, off character with the rest of the strip, but looks great. By panel three I was losing panel one's quality and so decided to go back using  my Faber-Castell  Jumbo Grip (sharpened in a style to impale vampires with). If I could start all over again... from birth, I would love to have a style like the first panel and be working on a series of graphic novels called 'Car Killer' or some such the like.

'Die at Midnight' Page 5 was drawn with a Pental Brush, the rest has been done using the Jumbo Grip, which is, (checks the website Faber-Castell website)... HB lead and a lot of Photoshop colour texturing over the top.

My drawing alters from day to day, morning and night. If anyone has any tips on drawing in the same style for the next 20 years I'd be eager to hear them.

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