Sunday, 13 November 2011

'Die at Midnight' Pages 8 and 9...

Pages 8 and 9 from 'Die at Midnight' an ongoing
comic strip which incorporates several of my recurring
dreams and nightmares from recent years.

Originally there was to be more internal dialogue on page 9, as in the
thumbnails. I have edited it down as it just seemed to be describing and the
repeating the images. Wandering (or sleep walking) into a forest seemed to work
better from the characters perspective, without dialogue and savoring the moment.

The thumbnails for pages 8 and 9. I guess these are the closest record to
how the dream actually unfolded. I plan on putting 'Die at Midnight' online when this first
segment is complete, in approx seven pages time. The project is something I am doing
in-between illustration and comic strip projects for others and so I'm taking it as it comes.


WellingtonDrawe said...

The fingerprint pattern over the top is a great idea. Really adds a layer of 'otherness' to it. Lovely stuff!

Mike Smith said...

Wow, I love the colours and particularly the textures. It looks like an engraving in places.

John Welding said...

Thanks Duncan, Thanks Mike. Photoshop Brushes I found on the net for the fingerprints, fur textures for the rest, experimenting all the way.