The Midnight Hour Approaches...

Spent today out of the hot sun, colouring up these pages for Die at Midnight. I was going to wait until I had lettered them to post them here but I like them so much I want to share them now.

I like the roughness of the pencil and I am learning to not worry about the colouring so much. Most of it is done freehand without the need for flats or accurate pen selections which to be honest in the past have driven me mad. Saying that, my recent investment in technology and software has made things easier and a lot more natural.


John Welding said…
Maybe it makes no sense but I really enjoyed making these pages. Will get them lettered soon so it makes a bit more sense. And get the pages so far into a format that reads well here on the blog.
WellingtonDrawe said…
Wonderful work. The colouring gives it a really magical quality!
John Welding said…
Thanks Wellington.

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