There’s something in the Bicycle Shed

Found this lovely looking critter sheltering from the rain in our bike shed today. He was still there after a few hours, trying to cram his head behind the shelf racking, I’m no animal expert but this behaviour seemed wrong. Putting on a pair of heavy duty garden gloves I managed to extract him, claws screeching as they dragged along the metal shelving. Once out of the shed  I checked him over for wounds, or anything else leaking. Physically he seemed fine, just very scared of something. I spent an hour sitting with him, which is enough for any body, so with a swish of his very long tail he was off, back to the mean streets of Agbrigg.

NB. 2015 and he's still lurking around the coal yard. He's sired litters of feral kittens and grand kittens and is a grumpy old bag of saggy fur. I wonder if he remembers hiding out in my garden shed?


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