Machine Gun Rattle...

This was a dream I had a few weeks ago. Pretty much how it happened in the strip, using a machine gun to stop a fall from a very tall building. Watching the character falling and working out a way to survive his predicament was exhilarating. The Doc is of course up to no good with his experiments so the younger character had to run for his life, I laughed when I saw the machine gun emergency cabinet. It makes sense to have them in all millitary bases with sinister going ons. Toilets in dreams are weird and signify a lot of repression. I enjoyed the dream and making the comic strip version of it.

I don't dream all the time, every few months I might have a great dream. A bit like inserting a Dvd or an old VHS tape into a player, sitting back and watch what is going on for the night.

Slightly clearer web version here.


Nulsh said…
Hey John.

I liked these two dream strips.

I dream all the time, but the "doozies" are periodic. I'd guesstimate once a month.

And by doozies, I mean the really clear ones that are stuck in your head when you wake up, and have a structure (if structure is something that can be applied to dreams?!).

Looking forward to more.
John Welding said…
Thanks Nulsh. I have experimented going to bed early/late, pre sleep visualisations, pre bed cheese, nothing seems predictable and the dreams that have structure come along in their own time.

I like your point about dream structure as those are the ones that matter to me, even with hindsight the structure might be a bit wonky. I know that I dream in-between the big ones, they are just mind numbingly boring that I can't be bothered to remember them on waking.

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