A Day Off, It Rained

We're back in our old stomping ground of Whitby for the day, having stowed away on a coach for a few hours. Most coaches to this part of the world can take over four hours from Wakefield, this one got us there in three and we got offered tea, coffee, biscuits, and three types of soup to keep us happy. It's not a regular service but one of those day out type trips and today's event is Whitby Folk Week. There's a real otherworldly quality to walking around drizzled streets, hearing musicians playing in pubs and on the streets and sitting on the harbour wall eating our chip butties.

Even though the moors were covered in mist and drizzle and black cloud, the Purple Heather looks amazing, I spent a few years at the end of the Nineties living in amongst the moors on a farm near Goathland but I've never seen the heather looking as intense as it looks today. Maybe the coach has tinted HD windows?


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