Drawing in Leeds

Went to the Royal Armouries yesterday for a bit of 'visual' research, they didn't have any displays of what I needed (Tsar/Russian type uniforms) so ended up drawing a bit of the Tiger Hunt display to flex my drawing muscles more than anything else. Will do the research I need on line some other time.
We found time to people watch and draw from the lofty heights of the first floor of Pret A Manger in the centre of Leeds. The afternoon sun was streaming through the glass and it felt like a green house. Just like summer. Good to have the heat experience.
Not all my drawings were that good,but the aim is not to get hung up on details but to move on to the next one. That's how you get better at this isn't it? This is different drawing to what I have been doing in the comfort of my own home, hopefully it all goes into the mix for a more rounded scribbler.


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