Lucifer’s Boots

JW Poster 01
A box arrived today. A box of sample stories I illustrated with Justin Neal a few months ago. Lucifer’s Boots is the first in a proposed set of instalments featuring short stories about ‘The Cordwainer of Scarletwell Street’ for Jeffrey West Shoes.

I went into the Leeds branch last Sunday but they had given the last of their story sheets away and had to beg a copy or two from the Manchester branch. The parchments were wrapped beautifully in a blood red bow and presented to their customers when purchasing finely crafted Jeffrey West shoes. My black Clarks-go-anywhere-boots felt quiet ‘shy’ in comparison to the hand tooled Dandy’s on display in the shop.

So much is reported about Rip-Off-Britain, it's nice that in this age of austerity there are companies still willing to add something extra to their product, providing an inclusive experience for their customers. .

Printed double sided on heavy stock
265mm x 425mm

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