Colour Testing

Skull TEST

This is a freehand dip pen drawing colouring test. The left hand one is coloured using a crayon sheet overlayered on the drawing and then digitally altered and tweaked to get the combo right. Even though I’m handy with digital colouring It took ages to get the balance right and even then it felt ‘fake’. The right hand version with watercolour added took half as long to do but in my eye is more successful. It retains more of the freehand drawing than the one on the left and is a happier image for that.

The great thing about Blogs is I can talk to you as if I have something to share, where in reality what I'm doing is talking to myself, working out what works and what is mud. If I was in an office or shared studio, criticism would happen naturally, but as a freelance artist, there’s me … and the cat.

I have been here before, working out a style and convinced that this will be the way to do it and then right at the last minute, I chicken out and revert to a way of doing things that feels safer and more controlled. Although this time, I am convinced that this will be the way to go.

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