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Welcome to Agbrigg
First of the illustrations for the Agbrigg & Belle Vue Oral History Book I’m designing and illustrating. Colour is available to me but I’m thinking about what an image will look like surrounded by text. Even the monotone colours and textures distract. Maybe text around it will make it ‘fit’ in better?

Duke of York               Welcome to Agbrigg
At this stage I have decided to go with a fairly flat ‘greyish’ overlay, it seems less distracting to the eye and I’m having to restrain my use of inky textural splats too. I don’t want them looking like graffiti or blood stains, this is Agbrigg after all.

Drawn freehand A5 Size with a UniPin 0.3 fineliner and a Pental pocket brush pen, digital colour added over the top.


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