Getting to Grips…

Devil 3
I have been tinkering with my website recently. One major change was getting to grips with a new web authoring program called WebPlus x4 by Serif. Having used Dreamweaver Mx for the past few years,  the frustrations it created getting simple things done, like text and image alignment, had come to a head. WebPlus is much better to use. I’m not a web designer, but I like the look of a nicely turned out web page and WebPlus is aimed squarely at someone like me.

Automation is a good thing when I have no inclination to get to grips with HTML code and technology in website presentation has gone far beyond what I could ever hope to achieve. Saying that my website is still pretty simple.

I wanted to stream line the drawing things I have done in the past so have concentrated mainly on the projects I want to continue to do, which is the drawn storytelling in  theatre,  comics and books.

And maybe get away from drawing Devils all the time, I don’t want to attract their playful attention any more than necessary.


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