Drawing Practise and the Necessity to Do It

So while I spend my days formatting a book, I am also trying to get some drawing practise in. Images from the web and clippings from news papers are useful for this. My brain is occupied with the minutiae of designing and illustrating a book of Oral History Stories for Agbrigg & Belle Vue, which needs to go to print mid March, and I’m aware my drawing hand is out of practice.
This is a sketch of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poet and author of The Soul’s Expression. I can’t remember how I got to the web page with a tiny grayscale picture of Liz, but I liked it enough to make my version of her in my sketchbook. Not happy to present just the sketch I decided to put a digital overlay over the top of the original ball point pen drawing.

Elizabth Barrett Browning 02
Prisoner Chit Chat
And these two scoundrels are conspirators in the assassination of members of the American government led by John Wilkes Booth 1865. At this point in the day I have a sick headache, so I’m listening to electronic/industrial ambient music on my head phones with a blanket to keep warm. Can’t remember where the words came from, just a mix up from a mash up from what I was listening to. Note to Self: Cross hatching can be very therapeutic in these circumstances.


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