Friday, 21 January 2011

More Biro Monster Madness

Mary Monster 02
Another drawing, another batch of drawings to colour up. This is a quick upload, a drawing I really enjoyed doing from Ben’s storytelling description. Mary in monster mode. The finished drawings will be in bright colours, so I’m taking this opportunity to enjoy the pen marks while I can.

Ten Banners for Portobello

Portobello Banners 01
Portobello Banners 02
While I have been working in isolation over a hot computer, in the real world the Portobello Banners featuring images that I created, in collaboration with Faceless and members of the Portobello community, have been installed.  Manygates Lane connects the Visitor Centre and ruins of Sandal Castle with one of the major roads into Wakefield.

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If you want to find out more history, head on up to Wakefield Museum. There’s a large scale comic strip (Ahem…) that explains a bit about what might have happened 550 Years ago at the bloody battle where Portobello now stands. But do hurry, because the exhibition comes to an end on January 29th 2011.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Rabigoogbegone: The Art of Backing Up Illustrations

Illustration 29B

I have been busy the last few days colouring up the Rabigoodbegone illustrations for Ben Haggarty. All the biro line work is done and scanned in and I am now methodically working my way through the pile, colouring the drawings which are to be printed out at A3 Size. There’s 30+ illustrations for the project, so I am now very glad that the computer I was using before Christmas decide to give it’s last gasp, and forced me into buying something a bit more… substantial (4G RAM).

I have also updated my Computer Back Up Plan. There has been so much digital artwork going through 'Welding Industries' of late, that I was having waking nightmares of computer crashes and  losing illustration work. I own a clunking big External Hard Drive which to operate has to be plugged in and powered up, which was always a bit frustrating to do. I invested in a neat little Seagate FreeAgent Go external hard drive which is the size of a Moleskine Diary and comes with software which makes backing up a lot less stressful, you just point it towards the folders you want copied and, touch wood, it does what it is designed to do. So that is two external hardrive back ups and I am still burning projects to Dvd as a Third and hopefully crash proof back up plan.

Above is part of a biro drawing coloured quickly with a digital overlay. The finished drawing has a Devil Rider and a foreground which has yet to be added.

UPDATE: Here are most, but not all of the drawings for the show to give the general gist of the story...

Thursday, 13 January 2011

‘Colouring Up’ the Devil

Gentleman Devil Colour
Detail from coloured version of the Devil sketch I posted the other day. I treated the biro digitally, by altering the Levels manually to blacken up the lines and to clean up some of the dust and speckles surrounding the drawing, which the scanner had picked up. Then roughly coloured the shape with brushes keeping the colour scheme muted. Creating a duplicate layer I applied the Cut Out filter and turned the Layer Opacity to 80%, which solidifies and makes it more of a ‘Comic Strip’ image.

Angry Devil Biro Sketch

Angry Devil
“…when the Devil gets vexed his pale white skin turns a little bit pink; his pink skin turns a little bit red; his red skin turns a little bit scarlet; his scarlet skin turns VERMILLION. His horns stretch up and his tail stretches down, smoke comes out of his ears and nostrils and he began tearing the ground with his hoof.”
Words by Ben Haggarty

Sunday, 9 January 2011

From My Drawing Board Today

Gentleman Devil
I am still working on a series of illustrations for my story teller friend, Ben. Bit worried about the amount of times I am drawing the Devil of late. I hope it doesn’t act as a drawing spell and attract the Devil’s attention. I’d drink tea with the ‘Him’ but that’s as far as I would go, far too busy to get up to mischief these days.

Drawing direct with a biro onto layout paper and photographed with the midday sun streaming in through the window. It’s freezing cold outside and I’m stuck indoors (Hurrah), drawing and finding new ways of doing future projects