Work in Progress

Soldier Jack 01
This is what I’m working on at the moment and into early next year. A series of images for story teller Ben Haggarty based on a story he tells called… but that would be telling just a little too much at this stage.

An A5 Biro drawing scanned at high resolution with digital colouring and textures over the top. Having used pencil for awhile it’s nice to get back to something that is a bit more inky. Biro gives a softer line than a dip pen or marker pen and drawing direct onto  layout paper is easier if a bit of redrawing is required. I’m not a puritanical Biro purest like some people out there in internet land but I can see how it could lure you in. Being able to ‘feel’ a drawing as you make it has many benefits and is just down right enjoyable too.


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