Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lucifer’s Boots!

Cordwainer 01
Cordwainer 02
Cordwainer 03
The Cordwainer is down on his luck in the economic climate of early 19th Century and in a fit of desperation, late into the night, calls forth Lucifer who ties him into a deal tighter than an eight hole lace up boot.
These are details from a series of illustrations to go with a short story called Lucifer’s Boots featuring ‘The Cordwainer of Scarletwell Street’. Written by my good amigo Justin Neal for a shoe manufacturer based in Northampton who has some lovely gothic looking shops around the UK. The plan is to publish the story in the style of an old penny broad sheet, with the story and illo’s on one side and a big picture of ‘Lucifer’ to watch over you all, on the other.
Images are copyright © John Welding and Justin Neal 2010.

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