Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Remember ‘The Battle of Wakefield’…

BoW Ad

The Battle of Wakefield exhibition is still on at Wakefield Museum. It’s had great reviews and plenty of foot fall, escape the madness of the shopping centre for and hour or two and pay a visit. It’s free and on at the Museum until Jan 29 2011. (As with most things in this chaotic weather it’s best to check if the Museum is open first before making a long journey).

Work in Progress

Soldier Jack 01
This is what I’m working on at the moment and into early next year. A series of images for story teller Ben Haggarty based on a story he tells called… but that would be telling just a little too much at this stage.

An A5 Biro drawing scanned at high resolution with digital colouring and textures over the top. Having used pencil for awhile it’s nice to get back to something that is a bit more inky. Biro gives a softer line than a dip pen or marker pen and drawing direct onto  layout paper is easier if a bit of redrawing is required. I’m not a puritanical Biro purest like some people out there in internet land but I can see how it could lure you in. Being able to ‘feel’ a drawing as you make it has many benefits and is just down right enjoyable too.

Lucifer’s Boots!

Cordwainer 01
Cordwainer 02
Cordwainer 03
The Cordwainer is down on his luck in the economic climate of early 19th Century and in a fit of desperation, late into the night, calls forth Lucifer who ties him into a deal tighter than an eight hole lace up boot.
These are details from a series of illustrations to go with a short story called Lucifer’s Boots featuring ‘The Cordwainer of Scarletwell Street’. Written by my good amigo Justin Neal for a shoe manufacturer based in Northampton who has some lovely gothic looking shops around the UK. The plan is to publish the story in the style of an old penny broad sheet, with the story and illo’s on one side and a big picture of ‘Lucifer’ to watch over you all, on the other.
Images are copyright © John Welding and Justin Neal 2010.

Monday, 13 December 2010


Mary Monster 01
Doodle done with a biro whilst scanning another image in at Hi-Res image for a banner display. With my scanner humming away I’m thinking of another story I’m working on at the moment, trying to nail one of the characters I posted on Friday. This is Mary, she’s playing at being a unnameable creature to confound The Devil and… uh  - oh scanners finished scanning in at 1200Dpi, time to get back to that banner display.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Friday Already

A sketch from a storyboard I’m illustrating at the moment, panel 26. Digitally darkened from a pencil drawing in a Moleskine sketchbook.  The extreme Weather of late is getting better, a heady 10 degrees on Agbrigg Road, which is melting the ice so it’s even more hazardous to walk on. Has to get worse before it gets better. Went into Leeds to attempt my first stab at proper Christmas shopping and failed. Came home with a headache and a copy of Mesmo Delivery Service… for ME!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

December SketchCrawl

Dec SketchCrawl

December SketchCrawl was at Wakefield Cathedral. Spent time with a few others looking at the carvings and bits of sculpture that adorn the insides.