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Work in Progress…

Screen shot of what I’m working on right now. Colouring ‘flats’ and listening to Fever Ray.

Prep Sketch

Preparation sketch for a short story  illustration. Drawn in a Moleskine sketch book I will scan this then print it out larger as the template for the finished pencil drawing. Composition is important at this stage. The ominous shadow to the right balancing with the Cordwainer lost in his work on the left. I‘m thinking of making more of the bottle of wine on his work bench, to suggest he may be drunk, no such luck. The candle is also important and will have to be bigger, this is casting shadows and illuminating the image from inside.

The Old Hag Spat

Detail from another project I am working on but don’t want to say too much just yet. This is a close up from a series of drawings for a  story set in London and the ‘Cordwainer’ community.

Ten Details…

From ten banner designs. Have finished the large scale artwork and awaiting the final go ahead to send the artwork off to be printed on large sheets of PVC weather proof material.  This is for a project celebrating the heritage of a Wakefield area, that 550 years ago was the site of the Battle of Wakefield.