Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Let the Battle Commence!

BoW 06

Saturday saw the official opening of ‘The Battle of Wakefield Exhibition’ at Wakefield Museum. It was a great afternoon with live medieval entertainment in and around the exhibits and my comic strip, the reaction to which was very favourable. Big sigh of relief all around. My main concern was people would think it trivialised the war, to the contrary it was mentioned more than once, just how accessible it made the subject.

The opening garnered a few inches in the local press with some lovely big photographs. When you enter you are asked to take sides. That of the Yorkist’s or that of the Lancastrian’s. After spending time researching and drawing this strip, I would take the side of the Lancastrians in protecting their land, families and wealth. With the economic landscape of the UK in turmoil this week it shows just how little has changed in 550 years.

I am still struggling to get a decent set of photographs of the comic strip work insitu but my time is taken working on another project which needs to be wrapped up soon, for the sake of my sanity. It’s another set of BIG banners for Wakefield and even with my RAM and software upgrades it’s pushing the limits of my home computer set up. Looking forward to working at a smaller, more human scale sometime in the near future.

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