Friday, 3 September 2010

Colouring Detail

BoW Page 01 Detail
From the first page of the Battle of Wakefield comic strip. I decided to go digital after a lot of trial and error. Even with the water colouring technique which I had planned for the strip, it meant digitally tweaking each frame to get a good effect. I showed the first page to my partner and artist Helen, who knows a lot more about colouring than I ever will, and she liked the digital art more than my feeble water colouring.
BoW Page 01 Detail 02
These are the same pencils with a watercolour wash over the top. Okay, but this is the most successful of the panels and it only has shades of blue, imagine what happened when I introduced brown into the muddy mix.

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Lynne Chapman said...

Yes, I really like the etching-style quality to the top one, and the subtle filter from blues to browns.