Weapon of Choice = Pencil!

BAttle of Wakefield Page 1A

Pencils for the first half page of a short strip I'm working on. This page is A4 Landscape and drawn with a 2B pencil. This will be scanned in at high resolution, resized to A3 and then coloured digitally over the top. I was going to use pen and ink and watercolour but changed my mind at the eleventh hour. I'm just not accurate enough with a pen, where with pencil I can erase and redraw to at least get a passing resemblance to the thing I'm supposed to be drawing. And I like the smoky atmosphere it creates too.

As a side note, I decamped to Helen’s studio for the day to do this and plan on doing that for the next few days to get this pencilling stage complete. Three and a half pages to go, which will now get quicker to do with the style worked out I hope.


Kittybriton said…
That first panel - I guess most of us would rather see a "sanitized" "after the battle" like this.
John Welding said…
Hi kittybriton, thanks for the comments on the Battle of Wakefield. Although it was 551 (ish) years ago some things never change. And yes, the Duke is a schemer of the highest order.

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