Alicante Comic Shop

Spent last weekend staying with friends in Alicante, apart from the terrific weather Alicante also has a great comic shop Ateneo Comics.  This emporium is huge with all the stuff you would expect to find in the best of UK comic shops but then multiplied by the power of ten by European bande dessinée .Then Helen found the independent section. At first I thought be cool, it's just another comic shop, think of your hand luggage allowance and the weight you'll be carrying to and from airports. On a shelf dedicated to the likes of Sfar, Gipi and Blain I found these and couldn't resist spending Euros. 'Soy Mi Sueño' is brilliantly illustrated by Pablo Auladell whose blog I have been following for awhile now and just love his ethereal scratchy and loose drawing style. La Voluptuosidad translates to 'The Voluptuousness' and is by comics genius Blutch. Booth books are in Spanish (where's me dictionary) and by coincidence, deal with dreams, which is kind of where I'm at the moment with DaM.


John Welding said…
Coffee, Biscuits, Comics - these are the good days.

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