Sitting & Drawing…

8 April 2010 Belle Vue Grave Yard Sketch Book
Lovely day for being outside, weather just perfect for it. All the line work was done in situ with the watercolour, ink washes and corrections added later.


davidgoughart said…
John-I don't know if you remember me, but way back in the early 90's, we shared the same stable of Fantaco, along with Noel Hannan, Rik Rawling, et al. We even did a UKCAC (or should that be U-cack)together. Anyway, you did a marvelous short story about a dragon tatoo-it had all kinds of debauched things going on in the corners, and I really rated your style. I see you've taken it to new highs these days. Marvelous work anyway sir, I love it and just wanted to say that I enjoy you blog and wanted to say hello again

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