Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter Weekend Sketchbook…

Eatser Dr Who 2010

Watched Easter Dr Who on the BBC iPlayer over the weekend. The new Doctor is excellent. My first fear when Matt Smith  was chosen ‘Woa… Far too young’, fear soon put to rest when it became obvious that he loves the role. At first glance he does have 21st Century good looks, (chiselled features and lots of hair, that’s all it takes to be beautiful by today's standards) but his proportions are a little too exaggerated, a little too much energy. Which is just right for someone playing and otherworldly Time Lord character. The story was better than average from Steven Moffat and the SFX reassuringly cheap in places. The redesign of certain Dr Who elements like the Sonic Screwdriver and the TARDIS interior were nice touches too. Easter Eggs all round then.

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mike said...

I agree about Matt Smith. Like Tom Baker, he looks genuinely eccentric rather than someone acting eccentric. Or maybe that's just very good acting!