Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter Weekend Sketchbook Self Portraits…

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So the nation has four days off and I’m layed up with Man Flu. Unable to do much except mope around the house drawing self portraits. This one above was done using a mirror.

Poorly Welding Easter 2010

This one was drawn from ‘memory’ and catches the full horror of what I’m going through, SNORT! Drawings done with one of those Pilot DR 0.3 Drawing Pens, a box of cheap water colours from 1998 and an old water brush. The sketchbook is a pleasant A4 Notebook from WH SMITHS filled with very thin bright white paper which… oh, I’m getting a bit too nerdy for my own good, I’ll stop and go and have a lay down in a darkened room.

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john welding said...

So Helen looked at these drawings and said 'Great, more pictures of old an old man'. I think I know what she means and must make things more interesting.