Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A Day Out in Leeds…

Spent time in Leeds today and managed to get some drawing time in too. First stop was the half term crazy Royal Armouries. Much of the Armouries entertains me. I do like the ceremonial swords and the many many weapons designed to kill and maim in the most attractive way possible. The craftsmanship of these weapons is undeniable, their intentions, inevitable.

Leeds Armoury Knives Composite

It has been awhile since I have been ‘out’ drawing, and as I was getting my hand/eye back I started to think about the ‘rules’ of what I was doing. Whether I follow these or not is not important, I can’t help but think of the comments intentional or not I’ve had over the years when I’ve put pen to paper.

Leeds Armoury Gun Case

Leeds Armoury Elk

Trying to find something to eat we ended up at Leeds City Museum for a baked potato and cheese. I have never been to the museum before so this is the first time I see the skeleton of a Giant Deer, which looked tremendous.

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