Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Charles Waterton… Why Bother?

Trying to build up my drawing muscles, not strong enough to stay outside very long in the cold so headed for Wakefield Museum. These, strangely enough, caught my interest…

Wakefield Museum Watertons

Again, thinking as I was drawing. Usually I would say that I look at what I’m going to draw and visualise imaginary lines, judge where things meet and intersect, measure the negative space around the forms to make the drawing. The curve of the monkey’s base intersecting at the arms and leg for instance. Making it up as I went along is the closest I can get to the feeling of drawing these strange objects. My point of view changed as I stood and crouched, so they are really inaccurate. I started on Martin Luther’s right paw and just drew what I saw next to it until it was finished. The same for ‘John Bull’, where I started on the dragons head. This way of drawing means you have to have a certain amount of faith in what you are doing unless a line ends in space and misses its connection.

Taking a digital photo would have been more accurate and more descriptive. The point is, I stood in front of these weirdo's and now have a 20 minute memory experience of Wakefield Museum and Waterton’s creation.

Why bother indeed.

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