Monday, 26 April 2010

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sitting & Drawing…

8 April 2010 Belle Vue Grave Yard Sketch Book
Lovely day for being outside, weather just perfect for it. All the line work was done in situ with the watercolour, ink washes and corrections added later.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter Weekend Sketchbook Self Portraits…

John Avatar 04

So the nation has four days off and I’m layed up with Man Flu. Unable to do much except mope around the house drawing self portraits. This one above was done using a mirror.

Poorly Welding Easter 2010

This one was drawn from ‘memory’ and catches the full horror of what I’m going through, SNORT! Drawings done with one of those Pilot DR 0.3 Drawing Pens, a box of cheap water colours from 1998 and an old water brush. The sketchbook is a pleasant A4 Notebook from WH SMITHS filled with very thin bright white paper which… oh, I’m getting a bit too nerdy for my own good, I’ll stop and go and have a lay down in a darkened room.

Easter Weekend Sketchbook…

Watched the Easter episode of Doctor Who on the BBC iPlayer over the weekend. First off, I think the new Doctor is excellent. My first fear when they announced Matt Smith ‘Woa… he's far too young’, a fear soon put to rest when it became obvious that he loves the role.

At first glance he does have those 21st Century good looks, chiselled features and lots of hair, that’s all it takes to be beautiful by today's standards. There is something else going on though, his proportions are a little too exaggerated, a little too much energy which is perhaps just right for someone playing the otherworldly Time Lord character.

The story was a bit better than average from Steven Moffat and the SFX still reassuringly cheap in places. The redesign of certain Dr Who elements like the Sonic Screwdriver and the TARDIS interior were nice touches too. Easter Eggs all round then.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Jack the Coal Yard Cat…

Jack the Coal Yard Cat 04 Jack the Coal Yard Cat 03
More sketches and doodles from a story I’m developing. Turning our cat Jack into a hoodie wearing teenager. Not sure if I’m going with this idea though, I think the purpose is to get over the peculiarity of an animal living in a Coal Yard, that’s fantastical enough rather than having him walk and talk on two legs as well. Maybe this could be his dream image?

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Midnight Sketch…

Dream at Midnight Title Page
Working on a few stories at the moment, one is based on a series of anxiety dreams I’ve had recently, working titled something like ‘Dream at Midnight’ and the other is the autobiography of ‘Jack the Coal Yard Cat’… guess which this image is from.

Water Colour Sketches…

Water Colour Profile Carnivale 02 Dream at Midnight 02 Dream at Midnight 03

Doodles from my thinking sketch book. Tiny sketches (approx 1 inch square) done with a 0.3 fibre tip pen and watercolour wash over the top.