Weekend Doodles…

wounded cowboy Doodle Doodle 02 Doodle 03  Pencil Self Portrait March Sketchbook 05_B
A bunch of drawings from this weekend. Drawn with a variety of pens and pencils.


Staz Johnson said…
Nice sketches John, what's the story behind the wounded cowboy?
John Welding said…
My 'doodles' come from my pen and the action of drawing, although, I have been watching a box set of 'Deadwood'. In my head the wounded cowboy is a strong image, more so than say, a soldier or an astronaught for, and I think Clint Eastwood is to blame for that. (Thinking about it Mad Max was a good wounded hero)... Grit & Tumbleweed.
Staz Johnson said…
I prefer Mad Max 2 myself.. :-) BTW, I also really like the view of the cathedral, that's a really lovely composition.

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