Friday, 12 March 2010

I forgot to mention…

I saw the abomination of a film  ‘The Wolfman’ remake the other week, so disappointed in it that I instantly forgot about it. Anyway, fancied drawing a Wolfman so here it is. The film is technically awful, miscast and poorly edited. The scenes chop and change without explanation and the CGI is pretty pathetic. Benicio Del Torro is wooden, Anthony Hopkins recycles his Hannibal Lecter and the music is from umpteen Danny Elfman scored movies.

I have fond memories of Oliver Reed’s ‘CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF – 1961’ (which is the same story and I think this is why I’m so critical of The Wolfman). I’m also critical in that it got okay reviews and a big ad campaign  and cost me and the two other people who saw it with me £7.50 to see. Download this film illegally, buy pirate copies, Universal should be beyond this crass quality and need to be taught a lesson. 

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