Breathe in - Breathe out...

Damn it all to HELL! Have spent a reasonable amount of time trying out WordPress and have come to the conclusion it's just as bad as Blogger. In such a pickle I have now locked myself out and really can't be bothered with trying to find a way in, it feels like another way to just waste my time. Does the male brain just reach this point by itself? I no way regard myself as normal, as average but I really do feel like a stupid old man who can't text his children because he can't work out how to switch his bloody phone on! Defeated by technology.

Ah well, this is a drawing of Frankenstein's monster who features in a recurring dream I've been having.


Chin up old fella. Go and have a nice cup of tea.
Matt D said…
Yeah, you might need a holiday or something. Or do some life drawing - that's really relaxing.

I've just been to Angouleme. Do you like French comic books at all?
John Welding said…
I love European comics, favourite at the moment is 'Issac the pirate' by Christophe Blain but I also swoon over Gianni Gipi's work and Joan Sfarr's too. Heck, even thinking about them guys makes me more relaxed.

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