1998 Moebius Sketch...

Matt D left a comment which mentioned this year's 'Angouleme International Comics Festival' and that got me thinking about this sketch I got from comics legend Moebius at the '98 Festival. It's the only fan sketch I've been brave enough to ask for, ever. I've lost so many photographs and bits of artwork due to moving, negligence and floods over the years that I'm quite pleased to have found this scrappy bit of memory ephemera paper intact.


biduk said…
What is it? It looks like a potato. By the way, I got sent a link to an artist residency, pays quite well, and might be up your street:


see what you think. You're probably doing quite nicely for work already, but you never know...
John Welding said…
The sketch is meant to be one of his mysterious floating rocks incorporating, either, my gnarly english face or his sauve, gently aged french face. My galic language skills didn't enamour me to him I think. Thanks for the link biduk.

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