Belle Vue Banners...

This Blog has been very quiet of late partly because of Christmas and partly because I have spent the last month working on the finished artwork for these Belle Vue Banners. Belle Vue I hear you ask? Belle Vue is an area just outside Wakefield City Center and a few streets away from where I live. My time has been spent scanning in marker pen line work and colouring them up at high resolution on my creaking computer. Some of the files I was generating were in excess of 600 meg in size, slightly bigger than the A4 I usually work towards you might say.

Another 12 colour banners to compliment the 13 on Agbrigg Road I did in July last year.


Those are stunning John. Good job.
mike said…
Yes these are beautiful. I love the washing line.

At 600MB each no wonder you are getting a bit tired of the computer!

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