Tuesday, 26 January 2010

No Frills... The Album!

Got this through the post from the music publisher today which was a nice surprise. I did the drawing featuring Nik's guitar, shoes and glasses for the album which features stripped down acoustic versions of his songs. Nik's a talented young muscian who should go far. Find out more from his shiny new web site...

And Talking of Published Work...

I did the drawing on the box cover for this too, which I saw this on sale in Wakefield's Past Times shop a few weeks ago... forgot to mention it with Christmas shenanigan's and Belles Vue Banner stuff. Or shall I blame furious whiskey drinking and the slow degeneration of my brain - hang on, that sounds remarkably like life imitating art!

Friday, 22 January 2010

New Favourite Pen and a Few Grumbles...

My new pen for writing and drawing is the Pilot G-Tec C4. Basically a fine point ballpoint pen which gives a nice free flow line with some canny 'molecular' ink inside. I am trying to simplify my drawing tools. I want a reliable pen that I can write and draw with an a discreet sketch book to record stuff in.

I am falling out of love with the computer. Blogger seems to have become harder to use with their uploading of photos and lack of spell checking upgrades. Might try Wordpress for a bit to see if it's any easier to get along with (This does not bode well for the Google OS that's just around the computing corner). And I don't like typing on a keyboard. It just seems hard work the older I get.

I need to get outside more. My recent workload has been computer intensive and I think I need a breath of fresh air and real life. I need a change of scenery.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Belle Vue Banners...

This Blog has been very quiet of late partly because of Christmas and partly because I have spent the last month working on the finished artwork for these Belle Vue Banners. Belle Vue I hear you ask? Belle Vue is an area just outside Wakefield City Center and a few streets away from where I live. My time has been spent scanning in marker pen line work and colouring them up at high resolution on my creaking computer. Some of the files I was generating were in excess of 600 meg in size, slightly bigger than the A4 I usually work towards you might say.

Another 12 colour banners to compliment the 13 on Agbrigg Road I did in July last year.