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Banner Sketches For 2010...

New banner sketches and designs for the next set destined for the Belle Vue area of Wakefield. The images are taken from suggestions, ideas and memory's by residents and community members. The drawings are based on my photographs, except for the steam train. The area had a strong link with trains and in the past employed a lot of people at 'The Sheds', sadly no more but still a strong memory in the Belle Vue area.

The Paper Cinema...

I have just got back from the Yorkshire Sculpture Parkafter seeing The Paper Cinema. A brilliant lo tech mix of drawing, projection and live music. Nic Beard is the illustrator responsible for the inky drawings, the stories on display today are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Lost World' (Dinosaurs, Explorers and big bad Apes, 'what's not to like') and a self penned imaginative story 'Night Flyer' with bicycles, trains and lost love. I was transfixed and can now watch close ups of ink drawings all day long if necessary.

New Moon...

I watched Moonon DVD last week, by far the most interesting and captivating film I've seen in a long time. Sam Rockwell carries off the roll/s with grace and I liked the difference from Solaris, ( and Defying Gravity and 2001: A Space Odyssey) in that it's not a superior alien intelligence creating space mirages, which is kind of what the trailer alludes too. And the sound track by Clint Mansell is excellent too. Damn, have probably ruined it for anyone who wants to see it without spoilers. Rent it now.