Horror Films 01 SHROOMS...

Part of my Halloween celebrations involved, as well as eating huge homemade vege pies, chips and mushy peas, watching scary films. Over the next few days I'll show you drawings from the ones I watched. Today I start off with the twisted tale of mushroom fueled young people seemingly hunted down in a spooky wood.... SHROOMS.

I do like fantasy and horror films. They are the home of invention and ideas because people expect so little from them, that is where the pleasure lies. When something surprises you whether an idea or an image, that is when the film lifts you off the sofa and into their universe. Films, especially fantasy and horror films employ a lot of creative artists and it's usually from that that aspect I am looking at how the film works. I don't get scared at what I'm seeing, be it galleons of gore or the soul of a child haunting an orphanage, I'm too busy working out how they did it, why it works. Saying that the trend for endurance torture a few years ago (Wolf Creek, Hostel etc ) did make me feel queasy... and a bit bored.


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